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The Straight Poop

Teegan was still doing her business when Murphy completed hers. Murphy did not seem to be doing this deliberately; she just happened to have her back to where I was standing as she started her kick.

Dinner Date

“What is it boy? Is it Timmy? Is he trapped in the well?”

The Problem with SmartPhones

The iPhone is cool. The iPhone is slick. The iPhone is neat. Blackberrys (Blackberries?) are way awesome, too. So is the rarely-mentioned-but-just-as-awesome …

Do Not Call means Do Not Call

When the legislators gave the National Do Not Call Registry teeth, they made sure their own self interests were served. The language …

Oatmeal Adventures and Doggy Drama

My twenty-plus year old Sharp Carousel II combination convection and microwave oven finally burnt out. It served us well, over the years …

Big Mother

You’re at work. You left Your Little Angel in the care of her sitter. You suspect said sitter of spending too much time watching “Judge Judy” instead of paying strict attention to whether Your Little Angel is getting into the cookie jar, in spite of your strict orders that she not be given any cookies until after her nap.