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Fiction: Tarnished Snapshots

“Well? What you waitin’ for, boy? You’re a man now, act like one!” Pop was waiting by the back door. He was wearing his jacket. Pete silently said goodbye to his dreams and followed his pop out the door. Happy birthday, he thought.

A Word To The Wise

I am in a lot of teleconferenced meetings — our work force is spread in four locations. There’s a great reason to …

The Straight Poop

Teegan was still doing her business when Murphy completed hers. Murphy did not seem to be doing this deliberately; she just happened to have her back to where I was standing as she started her kick.

Dinner Date

“What is it boy? Is it Timmy? Is he trapped in the well?”

Oatmeal Adventures and Doggy Drama

My twenty-plus year old Sharp Carousel II combination convection and microwave oven finally burnt out. It served us well, over the years …


“What’re you watching?” I thought I’d caught a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston on the screen as I walked in, but the woman …

When Technology Goes Too Far

Refrigerators. Remember when common household appliances started getting high tech? Someone thought “whoa, put a microprocessor chip into a fridge and you …

New Plan

Lissen up. I just had a disconcerting revelation and I need to make some changes, here. A friend of mine was talking …

Overheard: Grocery store

“All these flavors and types of yogurt. Not one of them soy.” “Mmm-hmmm.” “It’s, like, racism. … Or sexism, or something.”