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Feed Me

When I take my lunch break during my work day, I like to go read the blogs various of my friends have created. It’s easiest to use an rss-based feed reader for this purpose: no fumbling around among bookmarks to find my faves, and no having to rely on the blogrolls on any one blog. Further, it has been even easier to collect my favorite subscriptions by keeping them all in one cloud-based reader.

Don’t Anthropomorphize Computers

I (reluctantly) fired up the ol’ PC laptop today, then wandered off to fetch some more coffee, pet the dogs, clean up the kitchen, run a few errands …

Okay, a bit of exaggeration there, and I wouldn’t want to anthropomorphize my tech tools too much because I know they hate it, but here’s what they might say, if the laptops spoke while doing their tasks.

The Publicity of Privacy

“You put your baby picture up on Facebook?”

“Well, sure!”

“Why would you want to do that? Why would any one want to do that?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

The Problem with SmartPhones

The iPhone is cool. The iPhone is slick. The iPhone is neat. Blackberrys (Blackberries?) are way awesome, too. So is the rarely-mentioned-but-just-as-awesome …

Big Mother

You’re at work. You left Your Little Angel in the care of her sitter. You suspect said sitter of spending too much time watching “Judge Judy” instead of paying strict attention to whether Your Little Angel is getting into the cookie jar, in spite of your strict orders that she not be given any cookies until after her nap.

Out of the box

I found it elegant. Synergistic, maybe. I was listening to a podcast on my iPod. It was one from back in July. …

OMG, You’re a Newbie! :-)

Yeah. You’ve gotten a computer and an Internet connection and a whole new communication encounter is awaiting you, including an arcane new …