A Word To The Wise

plntncs-b000ezwbs0-prodlgI am in a lot of teleconferenced meetings — our work force is spread in four locations. There’s a great reason to keep your phone muted as a default when participating in these. Here’s a slightly modified example of an actual conversation:

Knowledgeable Guy: The problem I saw as that the frimmitz flimflammed. Our biggest customer Omnipoot is going to run that configuration so …

Meeting Leader: Yup. Omnipoot is going to run that configuration. That’s what I was about to say.

KG: It’s clearly an issue with the gobberpickle.

ML: Yes, the gobberpickle. I wondered about that.

KG: If we can fix it, we’ll have to ship it in the next tape going to Omnipoot.

ML: Yes, I just wanted to confirm my view on that. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Me: Good God, can he be any MORE obsequious?

<sudden check of phone to make sure I’m muted>