puppyThose of you who’ve tried to train your puppies to sit and stay sitting will understand.

You give the command to sit. You show the dog what you mean. The dog sits, then pops back up and wriggles at you. You patiently correct her, until you get her to actually stay sitting. The next step is to put a toy or treat in front of her, just out of reach, and correct her, making her stay sitting even though every fiber of her being wants that toy (or treat)!

Eventually you get compliance, albeit quivering, barely restrained compliance. She stares at the toy. She leans toward the toy. She looks at you, to see if you’re watching, then quickly back at the toy. She shifts slightly, slyly close to the toy, watching you, then the toy. And if you let this go on too long, she forgets that she was told to sit and she goes for the toy anyway.

We are not supposed to pay attention to our phones while in meetings. Every one of us, though, carries our various Blackberries, Android phones, and iPhones into the meetings and plops them onto the table in front of us.

It’s fun to watch when someone’s phone buzzes a text or e-mail notification.