How To: Pair a NaviPlay Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for iPod

NaviPlayNow there’s a mouthful.

To skip the chatter and go to the “How To” steps for pairing the NaviPlay with your bluetooth stereo headset, click here.

I’ve established, I’m sure, that I’m a Gadget Girl. While not quite an Early Adopter, I am an adopter of cool new-ish technologies none-the-less; I likes my toys.
I dislike wires. Working out, walking, just sitting around, I dislike the long wires dangling and tangling as I move. Putting the iPod away, or taking it out I have to mess with the wires. I dislike the hard little disks you jam into your tender ear canals, so I got nice comfy soft rubbery Sony earbuds, but the little rubber nubbies come off of them and get lost. In all, it’s been an irritating — but minor — issue.

s9So I was happy to get a set of MotoROKR S9 stereo Bluetooth© headphones. My cellphone happens to play mp3’s and support stereo Bluetooth profile so that’s cool, but I really prefer to use my iPod for music, audiobooks, podcasts, and the like. And wonder of wonders, Amazon was offering Ten Technology’s NaviPlay Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for iPods for a super low price. I snapped it up.

Bluetooth devices need to be “paired” with one another. They exchange all kinds of privileged information, although I’ve never been privy to any of their more intimate conversations, but I imagine it’s something like:

Headphones: “Hello, I’m the cool MotoROKR S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones”

And the NaviPlayer is all: “‘Scuze me? What’s that to me?

Headphones: “Hey baby, I got it all. I support A2DP streaming audio profile, I can go up to 30 yards away from you still be connected to you. Let’s do it!

NaviPlayer: “Oooh! A2DP makes me all goose-bumpy. C’mere, you.

And they’ll live happily ever after.

Getting them together, however, requires a bit more trickery than simply providing wine and soft music. I tried the procedure that was in the manual that comes with the NaviPlay, but it did not work. The instructions needed a bit more fleshing out. Visiting the web site for Ten Technology was … disappointing.

Luckily for all of you techno-geeks out there, I am persistent. Instructions on how to get your toys to play together are in the extended section.

How To Pair your NaviPlay with a compatible device.
Important: turn off ALL bluetooth devices — your cellphone, your headset, your stereo headphones, your computer, your printer, your car stereo. All of them. Every last one of them. Turn them off.

Put NaviPlay into pairing mode:

  1. Press and hold the power button of the adapter for 8-15 seconds continuously.
  2. LED indicator will first flash green only (start up mode)
  3. Next slowly flashes, alternating between green and amber (successful startup)
  4. Then very rapidly flashes alternating green and amber (pairing mode)
  5. Release the power button

The Adapter will stay in this mode for about 3 minutes.
Put headphones into pairing mode:

  1. For the MotoROKR S9, this consists of pressing and holding the power button until the LED indicator flashes blue three times.
  2. Release the power button.
  3. Indicator will eventually light a steady blue (pairing mode).
  4. Wait patiently.

Are they paired?

  1. After a few seconds, the NaviPlay’s LED will flash a slow green
  2. The S9 indicator will flash a verrrry sloooowww green
  3. Insert your iPod into the adaptor, turn it on and select your tunes
  4. Pop the headphones on and enjoy.

You may return all your other Bluetooth devices to their previous “on” states.

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