Multitask Driving

You know the stories about peeps who drive while yakking on the cellphone, don’t pay attention, slow way down, speed way up, swerve, whatever.

You know the stories about women putting on makeup while driving — in fact a sullen blonde in Wales was caught on camera doing just that and was pulled over and fined.

In Australia some guy crashed his car, killing two teens, because he lost control of the vehicle while he was deleting a text message from his cellphone.¬†And we all think, “What morons! What idiots! When you’re behind the wheel, Job #1 is to pay attention to driving your car and not do anything else!”

That’s 100% right. Before, however, you hop into your car, grab your cellphone and dial up your Congress Peep to demand legislation, consider: do you drink coffee or soda or even a lovely bottle of Dasani while you drive? Do you talk to the other people in your car as you drive? Do you … do you daydream while you drive?

Do you do anything in addition to maneuvering your vehicle?

I think we have sufficient laws to handle morons who forget to pay attention to what they’re doing while they’re piloting several tons of steel, glass, and explosive material at high rates of speed amid other people doing the same.
I think Job #1 is avoiding the morons.